Web and Mobile Application Development and Support


Design: Our User Experience (UX) design team are digital artists specialized in enhancing the user satisfaction of your product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.

Build - Front End: Our team of User Interface (UI) developers provide the user interface solution, including the final look, feel and behavior of the interface in different contexts.

Build - Back End: Our team of Back-End developers create, code, and improve the server, server-side applications, and databases that, when combined with front-end code help create a functional, seamless experience for the end-user of your product.


Big Data and Analytics

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Design: Our Data Architects design data architecture and technology infrastructure that effectively support your data-and-analytics activities at scale.

Build: Our Data Engineers build pipelines that transform the data into formats that data scientists can use.

Analyze: Our Data Scientists collect, analyze and interpret the data to identify ways to help your organization improve operations and gain a competitive edge over rivals.


Cloud Infrastructure Engineering 

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The Cloud Engineering team supports our clients in any technological duties associated with cloud computing, including design, planning, management, maintenance, and support. 



Quality Assurance

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Our team of QA Engineers covers all aspects of software testing including, acceptance, functional, unit and automation. 




Software Architecture


Our Software Architects make high-level design choices and dictate the technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms for your digital solution.








Agile PODS 

In this model, our talent is structured in small custom agile teams, ranging from four to eight members, responsible for a single task, requirement, or part of the backlog. This organizational system is a step toward realizing the maximum potential of agile teams by involving members of different expertise and specialization, giving complete ownership and freedom, and producing the best quality output.



DDTs- Dedicated Development Teams

In this model, we will build a remote dedicated development team for your business allowing you to scale your delivery capacity with an extended team of professionals of the highest level, working from our Near Shore development centers. With this approach, you hand-pick whom you want to work with and we will build and grow your team based on your requirements, using our internal development resources and recruitment capabilities.




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